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German Language Course in Pakistan for Study, Work & Immigration

Experience A New Dimension of Learning @ CONZEPT INSTITUTE The Best Institute to Learn German in Pakistan.
Our German Language Course is ideal for both beginners and those who have some previous knowledge of German Language. The 30-part self-study course covers Level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1& C2 of the common European Frame of References countries (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) for Study, work & Immigration.
We at the Conzept Institute for German Language Studies, want to help you realize your dreams. Our multiple services are designed to help you come closer to your aims and become truly global citizens!
Welcome to the best Institute for learning German in CONZEPT
The Common European Framework divides learners into three broad divisions which can be divided into six levels:

Basic Speaker
A1 Breakthrough or beginner
A2 Way stage or elementary

Independent Speaker
B1 Threshold or intermediate
B2 Vantage or upper intermediate

Proficient Speaker
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or
Advanced C2 Mastery or proficiency
The Common European Framework defines “What a learner is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing at each level?”:
A1: Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce him/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has.
A2: Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).
B1: Can understand the key points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, holiday, etc. Can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken. Can define experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and concisely give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.
B2: Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialization. Can intermingle with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers and quite possible without unease for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of several options.
C1: Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. Can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions. Can use language flexibly and excellently for social, academic and professional purposes.Can create clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.
C2: Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can précis information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in anintelligible presentation. Can express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in the most complex situations.
High quality education occurs only by competent consulting with specialists. We are glad to advise you on any matter regarding your German language acquisition. Contact us and take advantage right now of a free and no-obligation consulting appointment online.
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